Keeshia Barker

Social Media & Community Manager · Content Creator · Web Developer ·

Human. Female. Early 30s. Full time mother of two tiny tyrants. U.S. Navy Spouse living in some random U.S. territory. Proud member of The Mommy Gamers (web dev & writer). Twitch streamer & Youtube creator. Wordpress junkie. Writer of snark, master of sass. Aspiring novelist. Foreign language dabbler. Denies being a social media addict. Possesses some mad granny skills.

Currently Seeking

I am actively seeking remote positions in Customer Support, Community/Social Media Management, or Junior level development. I firmly believe I have all the skills necessary to work in any of these areas, each of which has been cornerstones of my previous work experience and are all fields I am interested in pursuing with a more heavy focus. I will be moving with new orders several more times before my spouse retires and would love to find a company to work with for that entire duration (6 years minimum) and beyond!


Content Creator

Twitch, YouTube, Various Websites

I have been writing for various blogs and riding the social media trains since I was a teen. In the past decade I've done things like Twitch and YouTube as a hobbyist, but I am ramping up my activity on both platforms in fall 2019. I am also launching several new websites and projects.


Public Affairs Technician

Morale, Welfare & Recreation - Atsugi, Japan

My time with the MWR Marketing team helped me add a lot of skills to my repertoire. As the hub for promoting all the different departments and events, I was able to work with a wide variety of people on many different types of projects. I learned a lot about giving public presentations, writing in different styles, and juggling a large list of tasks and deadlines.

Most notable project: Coordinating the design and development of the region-wide website and iOS/Android app with a government appointed development firm.

Skill highlights: social media management, copy writing and graphic design for print and digital, public speaking, voice-overs, web development, project management, press release and technical writing, in-house troubleshooting (IT), database management, media relations.

August 2012 - December 2014

Volunteer Programmer

Iron Realms Entertainment

Throughout my many years playing Iron Realms Entertainment games I had the opportunity to volunteer on many different levels. First as a guide (n in-game persona that helped new players get acquainted with the game), then as a mortal-builder (making in game content), later as a handful of gods, and lastly as a web developer.

Most notable project: Creation of two new large areas complete with environment descriptions, NPCs, quest-lines and all code associated with making those work.

Skill highlights: New player support, level & NPC creation, quest & NPC programming, running in-game events, assisting in creation of new company website initiatives.

2007 - 2012


Old Dominion University Women's Center

I learned a lot during my time with the Women's Center both in and out of my official role. I was surrounded by a lot of empowering women and came to appreciate the practice of lifting other women up - which got me very interested in focusing that energy towards my field in particular.

Most notable project: Complete re-design/development of the company website, including retreiving and rewriting all the content from a very cluttered Dreamweaver site (10,000+ lines of code, yikes). Created a brand new site from scratch.

Skill highlights: Web design, development & maintenance, graphic design, project management, copy writing, event photography, customer service.

July 2006 - December 2008

Assistant Webmaster

United States Naval Safety Center

My summer internship at the Safety Center was an interesting experience and my first with the DoD. We did a complete redesign of the company website which had to go all the way up through the admiral to get approval - my first foray into a more corporate structured development process. We trimmed down over 10,000 files into a more manageable system and added functionality for video.

Skill highlights: web design & development, project management, copy writing, video editing.

May - August 2008


Western Govenors University

Bachelor of Science ยท Software Development
August 2018 - Present

Previous course work done from 2004 till 2015 at various schools. Always focused on programming.


Primary Foci
  • Social Media & Community Management
  • Software/Web Development
  • Content Creation & Copy Writing
Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
Miscellaneous Skills
  • Copy Writing & Editing
  • Public Speaking & Video/Voice Work
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Project Management
  • Event Planning


I'm a huge fan of video games, board/card games, tabletop (D&D 3.5ed, Vampire the Masquerade, Cyberpunk2020) games, movies, and epic fantasy and YA novels. Obviously I love anything with a story and that allows me to be creative. I love to do all sorts of crafting and cooking/baking.


I also have a huge soft spot for passing on knowledge and teaching others to use technology. I always thought I'd be a teacher in my later years but I've since shifted to being able to do that with communities around the things I love.


Getting involved with movements to get more females into tech industries is something I'm curious about and would really enjoy getting more involved in. For now I simply support and read a lot but to get more hands on in some of these organizations is a goal of mine.

I also aspire to write a novel one day.


  • Certificates of Appreciation from: US Naval Safety Center, Atsui Enlisted Spouse Association, and NAF Atsugi Morale, Welfare & Recreation for services rendered.



  • CIW Site Development Associate

Coming Son:

  • CIW User Interface Designer
  • CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS Specialist
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Project+