Keeshia Barker

Social Media Sass-Manager · Content Creator · Web Developer ·

Humanoid. Female. Early 30s. Full time mother of two tiny tyrants. U.S. Navy Spouse living in some random U.S. territory. Proud member of The Mommy Gamers. Affiliate Twitch streamer & Youtube creator. Wordpress junkie. Writer of snark, master of sass. Aspiring novelist. Foreign language dabbler. Denies being a social media addict. Possesses some mad granny skills.


Public Affairs Technician

Morale, Welfare & Recreation - Atsugi, Japan

My time with the MWR Marketing team helped me add a lot of skills to my repertoire. As the hub for promoting all the different departments and events I was able to work with a wide variety of people on many different types of projects. I learned a lot about giving public presentations, writing in different styles, and juggling a large list of tasks and deadlines.

Skill highlights: social media management, copy writing and graphic design for print and digital, public speaking, voice overs, web development, project management, press release and technical writing, in-house troubleshooting (IT), database management, media relations.

August 2012 - December 2014

Volunteer Programmer

Iron Realms Entertainment

Throughout my many years playing Iron Realms Entertainment games I had the opportunity to volunteer on many different levels. First as a guide (n in-game persona that helped new players get acquainted with the game), then as a mortal-builder (making in game content), later as a handful of gods, and lastly as a web developer.

Skill highlights: New player support, level & NPC creation, quest & NPC programming, running in-game events, assisting in creation of new company website initiatives.

2007 - 2012


Old Dominion University Women's Center

I learned a lot during my time with the Women's Center both in and out of my official role. I was surrounded by a lot of empowering women and came to appreciate the practice of lifting other women up - which got me very interested in focusing that energy towards my field in particular. When I arrived there we began a complete overhaul of their website and went through several mockups before building a brand new site from the ground up.

Skill highlights: Web design, development & maintenance, graphic design, project management, copy writing, event photography, customer service.

July 2006 - December 2008

Assistant Webmaster

United States Naval Safety Center

My summer internship at the Safety Center was an interesting experience and my first with the DoD. We did a complete redesign of the company website which had to go all the way up through the admiral to get approval - my first foray into a more corporate structured development process. We trimmed down over 10,000 files into a more manageable system and added functionality for video.

Skill highlights: web design & development, project management, copy writing, video editing.

May - August 2008


Western Govenors University

Bachelor of Science · Software Development
August 2018 - Present

Baker College Online

Bachelors of Science · Web Development
December 2008 - December 2015

Old Dominion University

Bachelors of Science · Computer Science
January 2007 - December 2008

ITT Technical Institute

Bachelors of Science · Digital Entertainment and Game Design
August 2005 - December 2006

Richland Community College

Bachelors of Science · Computer Science
January 2004 - May 2005


Primary Foci
  • Social Media & Community Management
  • Software/Web Development
  • Content Creation & Copy Writing
Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
Miscellaneous Skills


I'm a huge fan of video games, board/card games, tabletop (D&D 3.5ed, Vampire the Masquerade, Cyberpunk2020) games, movies, and epic fantasy and YA novels. Obviously I love anything with a story and that allows me to be creative. I love to do all sorts of crafting and cooking/baking.



I'd like to get into the gaming industry in community management and later as a developer. I like the ability to take input from the community with the knowledge of what it might take to accomplish those requests. Coordinating community efforts will really build on skills I aquired at previous jobs too and help me become more well rounded, enabling me to contribute more towards my employer's goals.

Getting involved with movements to get more females into tech industries is something I'm curious about and would really enjoy getting more involved in. For now I simply support and read a lot but to get more hands on in some of these organizations is a goal of mine.

I also aspire to write a novel one day.